Signs of Gestational Diabetes You Probably Won’t Notice

According to the CDC it is estimated that between 2 to 10 percent of American women will develop gestational diabetes during their pregnancy. You may think it can’t happen to you because you’ve never experienced diabetes. Unfortunately, that is not the way it works.

Get Screened for Gestational Diabetes in Lynchburg, VA

It is recommended that all women get screened for GDM, known as gestational diabetes mellitus. It normally occurs at weeks 24 – 28 and the American Academy of Family Physicians recommends that doctors do a routine screening.

Anyone can get gestational diabetes and it’s certainly not your fault if you get the diagnosis. The real cause of this condition is that the body does not produce enough insulin to deal with the increased level of glucose or sugar required to help the baby develop and grow.

Who Has the Highest Risk?

Although anyone can get gestational diabetes, those most likely to encounter this condition are decedents from particular ethnic groups like Native Americans, African Americans, Hispanics, and those from the Pacific Islands.

Other situations and conditions increase the risk including:

  • If you are overweight before pregnancy
  • If there is a family history of diabetes
  • If you have previously had abnormal sugar tests
  • If you have given birth to a baby over 9 lbs

Signs of GDM You May Not Notice

Unfortunately, most of the signs of gestational diabetes are not very different from those of a normal pregnancy. This is why screening is so important since you may not be able to catch your symptoms right away.

Being Tired

We mean tired to the extreme. Most pregnant women are naturally tired due to poor sleep and heartburn at night. When you are still super fatigued in the second trimester, see your obstetrician to discuss ways to manage your symptoms.

Being Thirsty

This is another common result of pregnancy. Here we mean excessively thirsty.

The extra sugar in the body builds up for women with gestational diabetes, causing the kidneys to work overtime. Since your kidneys are responsible for filtering out the sugar, you will urinate more often, which in turn will make you want to drink more often to replenish your body.

Pregnant woman talking with her obstetricianResiding in the Bathroom

Since the kidneys will be working extra hard to filter out the sugar, you will be spending a lot of time in the bathroom. Again, this is a normal result of pregnancy, so it becomes difficult to determine if gestational diabetes is the real culprit without being screened.


It is not that suspicious to snore while pregnant. The “raging” hormones can cause mucus membranes to swell and lead to a snore festival.

No Symptoms

Yeah, this is tricky. We must once again repeat how important it is to be screened for gestational diabetes since it’s the only way to be sure you are dealing with normal pregnancy symptoms.

Gestational diabetes can be caught early and be managed effectively, but it can be difficult to sort out your symptoms without the help of an experienced doctor.

Contact Women’s Health Services of Central Virginia if you want to be screened for gestational diabetes or have questions about your specific risks.